5 Mediterranean Travel Getaway Destinations in Italy

When you think of the Mediterranean, you undoubtedly think of glistening azure seas and long stretches of golden sand bathed in dazzling sunlight. Not a poor picture to conjure up, and one that will make you want to pack your bags and head to the Mediterranean for a holiday. But it’s more than just blue oceans, beaches, and sunshine.

The Mediterranean is a set of twenty-one nations. Each nation is distinct from the others and has its own culture. It can be challenging to decide which destination is ideal for your getaway break when there are many to choose from. However, we have collated the five best destinations for you in the region of Italy.

1.    Malta

This country might be the one to select if you’re searching for a destination on Mediterranean islands that you can fully explore during your holiday. Malta, an island in the Mediterranean Sea with a surface area of just over 120 square miles, has everything you’ll like to see and do close. It is the biggest of the three inhabited and numerous uninhabited islands that make up the Maltese archipelago; it is also the world’s tenth smallest nation.

Malta enjoys a pleasant Mediterranean climate. The humidity is intense in the summer, as are the temperatures. The average temperature in mid-summer, July and August, is around 30°C. Milder temperatures are expected in the spring and autumn, but there will be some rain showers as well. Winter temperatures, which range from 15°C to 18°C and are ideal for sightseeing and exploring, can be found from November to the end of February.

2.    Amalfi Coast

Between the towns of Positano and Vietri Sul Mare, the Amalfi Coast is a forty-kilometer stretch of Italian coastline. A gently sloping limestone escarpment surrounds it with sheer white cliffs and deep valleys that end in bays lined with fishing villages. It is an excellent example of a Mediterranean landscape, according to UNESCO.

There are a few towns along the Amalfi Coast that you should visit while you’re there. Positano has a domed church and is a labyrinth of narrow streets. Ravello is a clifftop town with spectacular views of the sea, a cathedral, and extensive gardens.

3.    Sardinia

Sardinia is a Mediterranean island renowned for its stunning coastline and sandy beaches. The Emerald Coast, home to the famous and rich, is the most well-known area of the island, but other coastal areas are far more accessible. Alghero, with its Catalan roots, is one of the most charming coastal towns to visit.

Inland, you’ll discover fascinating villages steeped in history. Nuraghi, ancient stone towers native to Sardinia, fascinating archeological sites, and Romanesque churches dot the island. Cagliari, the island’s largest city, is an excellent place to start your visit if you arrive by ferry or plane.

4.    The island of Sicily

Sicily is the Mediterranean’s largest island, surrounded by stunning beaches and coastal cities. Taormina, Sicily’s first resort area, is one of the best on the coast, with excellent beaches, a medieval quarter, and a Greek theater overlooking the sea that hosts outdoor performances.

You can visit Greek temples and Roman ruins and Norman castles, charming Baroque towns like Noto and Ragusa, and even a volcano on the island. Palermo, the island’s capital, is famous for its bustling markets, Byzantine mosaics in the Norman Palace, its massive cathedral, and catacombs.

5.    Tuscany Coast

While Tuscany is best known for its hill towns, wineries, and the city of Florence, it also has a long stretch of coastline with beaches and swimming spots.

The Versilia Coast in northern Tuscany is a long stretch of clean, sandy beaches with a backdrop of the Apuan Alps, famous for their marble quarries. Private beach establishments occupy most of the beach, where you can rent a room with chairs, umbrellas, and other facilities for the day or the season. Forte Dei Marmi and Viareggio, both known for their Liberty-style architecture, are two of the best towns along this coast.