How to choose travel agents to use while travelling during a pandemic

The world is currently battling with the COVID-19 pandemic. The way the disease spreads has resulted in the discouragement of physical contact among people. People are encouraged to maintain a physical social distance from others as much as possible. People are also discouraged from going out or travelling as much as possible. At the peak of the first wave of the pandemic, a lockdown was enforced and international travels were banned. However, with relaxation in lockdown and ban on international travels, people have started to move around within out and outside their countries of residence.

The relaxation does not in any way imply that the disease has been defeated or is no longer dangerous. Hence, everyone is expected to keep to the safety guidelines that are believed to be able to significantly reduce the risk of being infected with the disease. Hence, if you want to patronize any travel agency during your travel, it is important to be sure that you will be protected from the pandemic, other travel risks as well as have a nice time during the trip. This article will discuss things to look out for when you want to choose a travel agency while travelling during a pandemic.


As always, the best thing you want to look out for when you want to use the services of a travel agency is if they are reliable. Whether it is a flight company, hotel, or ticketing company, you want to be sure that you will get the exact service you paid for. If it is a flight company and the time for departure is booked for 10:00 am, except for bad weather or other natural circumstances, the flight shouldn’t leave by 2 pm among others. You also don’t want a situation where you buy a ticket for a show only to be denied entrance because you bought the ticket from a scam company. Hence, finding out the reliable of the travel agency is important. You can find reliable travel companies by researching them and reading reviews on the UK Collected Reviews to know if other customers that have used the services of the company find them to be reliable or not.

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Keeping to COVID-19 Rules and Regulations

There are many travel rules and regulations that have been provided by the World Health Organization and Centre for Disease Control (CDC) to keep the passengers safe and reduce the chances of passengers getting infected. The rules often range from carrying out temperature checks on customers to encouraging social distancing while providing their services. People in a flight are expected to keep their nose mask properly worn throughout the flight. After each flight, it is expected that they disinfect the plane before the next flight. Hotels and public events centres that have opened are also expected to disinfect regularly. Hence, it is important to confirm if the travel agency you want to use abides by the rules as provided by the CDC. This will help to keep you safe from the disease during your trip.


Some travel agencies have increased their charges. This is considering they have had to close down for most of the year 2020 and probably recorded some losses. There is also the fact that due to social distancing, some of them can only accommodate a maximum of 25 per cent to 50 per cent of their full capacity. Hence, it is important to confirm the pricing of the travel company that you want to use and be sure you can afford it.