Planning a Trip to London

I have been to London many times but still I feel like I haven’t seen it all. It has its own beauty that always hypnotizes me.

London has four airports – Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton and London city airport. Heathrow is the largest and one of the busiest airports in the world. The easiest way to reach central London from Heathrow is the tube (underground rail service). You can either buy your ticket from the self service ticket machine which is very simple easy to use or can buy it from the counter. Tube is the most important public transport in London and approximately 1 million people make their journey by tube every day and it is the most convenient and fastest way to travel in London.

Being one of the most famous tourist destinations, London provides a wide selection of hotels, luxury accommodations, hostels, guest houses and service apartments to suit every pocket. London is a very expensive city so if you are a budget traveler then book hostels as they are low cost and tidy and if you are planning to stay in London for few months then look for shared accommodations. They normally cost you around 135 – 150 per week depending on the type of accommodation and the location. I would suggest that you should look for accommodation in the outskirts of London as the accommodation cost in central London is very high

Things to do in London

Visit London Theater – There are lots of theaters in London and majority of these theaters are situated in Covent Garden which is in Central London and the nearest tube stations are Covent Garden, Leicester Square and Holborn. Street performers perform in Covent Garden market on a regular basis and it is the only area in London where street performance is allowed. There are a wide variety of pubs and restaurants here to cater to every taste and occasion.

Visit Westminster Abbey – It is a Gothic church in Westminster and one of the most famous tourist destination of London. It is on the west to the Palace of Westminster (House of Parliament). Around 1 million people from all over the world come to Westminster Abbey every year. Travelers can see the stunning medieval architecture inside the church as well as they can see hundreds of years old paintings, stained glass and textiles.

Take a ride on London Eye – London Eye is a giant wheel that carries 32 sealed egg-shaped passenger capsules and one full rotation takes about 30 minutes. On a clear day you can view nearly 40km from the top as far as Windsor Castle where Queen lives. To take a ride on the London Eye visitors need to purchase tickets. It is recommended to buy the “fast track tickets” online; even if a bit more expensive because they’ll help you to avoid large queues. Tourists can also buy regular entrances from the nearby counter.

Enjoy a river cruise – Thames river cruise is very one of the most important attraction among the travelers. As Thames flow through the heart of the city so visitors would be able to enjoy all the iconic structures, like – Tower Bridge, London Eye, Parliament House and others. You won’t have to stay hungry during the tour as snacks and drinks are available inside the boat.

Taste the local foods – Before going for your sightseeing journey have a full English breakfast which comprises – Baked Beans, Hash Brown, Toast, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage and roasted tomatoes. For lunch go for traditional English food like Fish & Chips, Sausage and mashed potato in gravy, pie, patties, sandwich etc and for dinner you can go Thai cuisines like Thai Green Chicken curry, Thai Red Chicken curry, Prawn tom yam with coconut milk etc. There are many Thai restaurants in London.

Tour National History Museum – Natural History Museum has one of the largest accumulations of natural history-related artifacts in the world. The Natural History Museum is divided into four zones – Red, Green, Blue and Orange. The Dinosaur gallery is the most famous section in the museum as it contains a giant moving model of T. rex, horned Triceratops and fossilized skin of Edmontosaurus. The entry to the museum is free and it is open every day from 10:00 – 17:50 except 24-26 December. The last admission is at 17:30. Before entering the museum, visitor’s belongings are searched and it is advisable, not to carry any sharp objects like scissors, knives, forks etc as they may be taken away.

Visit Tower Bridge – Tower Bridge is the most recognized landmark of London. Tower Bridge exhibition is located in the north-west tower allowing entrance to high level walkway between the two towers and then down to south tower into the engine room. The Victorian engine room earlier used to raise and lower the bridge for ships to go through. It has been maintained beautifully and tourists can watch the immaculate chambers that are spacious and comfortable.

Take a tour of Madame Tussaud’s – It is an internationally famous wax museum that contains wax models of famous people from all over the world. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in London and it receives 2.7 million visitors annually. Madame Tussauds is open every day except for 25th December. It opens from 9:00 every morning but the closing time varies depending upon the season.

The best time to go to London is the summer season when temperature varies from 18 c – 27 c and sunlight remains till 10 o’clock at night and sunrises at 4 o’clock in the morning.

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