Know the Different Areas of London

London is the ninth largest city in the whole world. The city is home to diverse cultures, packed with business enterprises and full of the most astonishing landmarks in history. The capital of England attracts people from all over the world for very different reasons. Understanding the different areas of London (of which there are five main ones) is the key to knowing exactly which part of the city will suit the individual best, be it to live or visit.

The main areas of London are:
• North
• East
• South
• West
• Central

All areas have their own uniqueness.

North London
The North part of London is a far cry from the hustle and bustle of the main city. There is an old world feel to the place which can be seen in some of the architecture around the area. Camden Market is located here and is one of the most popular and oldest markets in London. Locals and tourists can be found browsing the many stalls or people watching from one of the many pubs and cafes in the area.

East London
East London may conjure up images of the popular British TV show “Eastenders”. However, thanks to a massive overhaul in the area, the East End of London is actually home to some of London’s most affluent inhabitants. Perhaps one of the most notable additions to the area over recent years is the O2 arena which hosts live music concerts and grand events throughout the year.

South London
South London holds many treats such as South Bank, where visitors can enjoy splendid attractions and landmarks in addition to enjoying wonderful food from the many restaurants, cafes and pubs along the banks. There is Greenwich where travellers flock each year to see the Greenwich Meridian line, separating east from west and is the base point of all time zones.

West London
The Western part of London comprises plenty of lush green areas and marvellous buildings. Some of the finest gardens in London and indeed the country can be found in this area. Race courses, museums, urban farms all make for a more refined visit for those who would like to escape the big smoke for a day or two. If everything seems a little quiet here though, Thorpe park is always available for the thrill seekers.

Central London
Central London, as one would expect, is the throbbing heart of the city. From high class shops to theatres and Michelin star restaurants, there is certainly never a dull moment in the central area of London. Historic buildings can be seen almost everywhere you look. Chinatown, Covent Garden, Soho and Westminster are some of the most visited places in London all are unique in what they have to offer people who travel there.

Deciding where to go
Although there are some areas which will appeal more than others to most people, it is easy enough to traverse all five areas of London via public transport. The intricate underground system is a favourite for all who need to get from one place to another in the vast city due to its speed and low cost.

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