Manchester Events – Best Time to Go

If you really want to immerse yourself in Manchester culture, however, it’s usually best to time your vacation during one or two of the festivals. During these parties, you will notice the true nature of the city and participate with the locals as they celebrate deeply rooted festivities. Following are just some of the events you can catch during the year.

Summer Gay Pride

One of the biggest events not just for the LGBT community but Manchester as a whole, Gay Pride is actually something the whole world tunes to on a yearly basis. It is celebrated in the Gay Village and surrounding areas, littering the street with color, parties, and gaiety like you’ve never imagined. A major tourism boost, the Gay Pride is celebrated during the month of August.

Irish Festival

Celebrated sometime in March during the spring, the Irish Festival is more than just an unlimited access to beer. The whole atmosphere is of a party, inviting people in to dance, drink, eat, and be merry. The crowd is typically of the younger variety, coming from all over UK and other corners of the world. You’ll find though that families are also welcome during the Irish Festival thanks to the many food options.

Manchester Beer and Cider Festival

This actually started in 2014 and was repeated in 2015 – with many others hoping that there would be a third time next year. Hopefully, the Manchester Beer and Cider Festival will now be an annual event, considering the fact that it’s a big tourist pull. From the name, you can already tell exactly what the event is for. If you’re a drinking enthusiast, this is definitely the time to visit, celebrated every January.

Future Everything Festival

Celebrated during February just in time for winter, the Future Everything Festival started around 1995. If the name confuses you, try focusing on the word ‘future’. Roughly, the festivity celebrates innovations and provides geeks, thinkers, designers, coder, and various tech specialists the chance to converge and talk about their latest projects. If you happen to love technology and want to find out exactly where were heading, the Future Everything Festival is an excellent choice.

Manchester Jazz Festival

If you’re a music fan, the Manchester Jazz Festival is definitely a good pick for a visit. This happens in the summer during July and features some of the best jazz musicians in UK and all over the world. In fact, the Jazz Festival is a worldwide gig that attracts not just the popular but also the new enthusiasts with some of their best original music.