Packaging Supplies and Moving Packs


Small Box - for books, DVD's, tools, food tins, small heavy items & bottles - e.g. 1 carton per 2ft of book shelf

£1.50 + Vat

Medium Box - for china, glassware, toys, pots & pans, electrical items, small appliances e.g. 2 cartons per kitchen cupboard door 

£2.00 + Vat

Large Box - Use for linen, folded clothes, soft toys, cushions - light items e.g. 4 Cartons per double bed

 £2.50 + Vat

Wardrobe Box - (Includes metal bar) Used for hanging clothes and tall plants e.g. 1 carton per wardrobe door

£12 + Vat


£1.50 per roll + Vat

Tape Gun - with 1 tape roll  

£8 + Vat

Bubble Wrap - (500mm x 100m) 

£20 + Vat


we are able to offer removal boxes and packing materials delivered straight to your door.

You don't need to be moving with us to take advantage of this convenient method of purchasing the supplies you need to move.

To purchase an items, where you can order and securely pay for your boxes and materials. They will then be sent directly to your home.

above are the items you can purchase to help make your move easier.